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Home to Anna Castillo's Online Work.    version: PurpleIvy92

Greetings ...

My name is Anna Castillo but online I am known as Mystic or Mystic Sprite..... and you, my friend, are about to enter into my online life, a journey I began in 1997.

Within this HTML walls you will be able to visit my work and I thank you in advance for taking the time to stop by.

I have chosen to name this special home *mystical land of the Purple Ivy*, after my first online name and purpose, which was to make a site that unites all of the things I do online.

Special Thanks to everyone who has watched me grow and learn, and my sites change and change! You know who you are and you know I love ya!

I have *once again* reorganized everything, and this page will be placed in every main page of everyone of my sites to make them all easier to find. All sites have their own *short url* please use those to get to the directly.

Thanks for stopping by & enjoy your stay!  

Please choose your destination, buckle up, and enjoy your stay.

::The Doll Collector's Society::       ::Lilac Springs Web Design::     ::Mystic Sprite's Lair::

::Mystic's Doll Obsession::     ::Mystic's Desktop Themes::     ::Mystic's Tutorials::(under constrcution)

::Web Work Protection Force::   ::McA Online::    ::My Online Friends::

Webrings I created and run:

::America Weeps Webring::   ::Doll Bases Artist's Webring::   ::Kid's Graphics Webrings::

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This Site originally created October 1997, it has been redesigned a gazillion times,
but I *think* I got it right this time. Lilac Springs® was created August of 1999.
Lilac Springs We Design was created July 2000, Mystic Sprite's Lair was created October 1999.
Mystic's Tuts was created May 2001, The Doll Collector's Society was created Jan. 2001
McA Online was created March 2001... I think?
The lovely picture used is by *???*
and has been used with the written permission I received in 1999
when I opened my old Lilac Springs WebSite.  I gave it a special *PurpleIvy Bath* Do not remove it. 
© October 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 +beyond
By Anna Castillo No portion may be reproduced or removed without prior written consent.
Please visit if you have any questions.

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keep the faeries alive.
whisper...We will hear you...

Do not remove anything from this site!
Dont' email me about dumb things, as you can see I am very busy person!
I answer all of my email ... but really... have provided endless information..visit my sites first... then ask ok?
Take care... hugs... by.. thanks for reading all the way down here!! This is the end.... bye now...