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~Hola Amigos!~
This is the egg we will be learning to make today.

This Tutorial has been written in PSP 7, and I have made it as specific as I can, to ensure everyone can make their own Easter Eggs in PSP. If you don't have PSP (or Paint Shop Pro) Click Here to get a Free Trial Version. Be sure to choose: PAINT SHO PRO 7 WITH ANIMATION 3. If you have PSP6..dont' worry, I'm sure you can still follow along :) and get the same results!~ I *hope*! I *hope*! I *hope*!

Before we begin I have to tell you a bit about the Legal Stuff...
(::::sorry needs to be done::::Putting on the Meanie Queenie Hat:::::) This Tutorial has been created by *yours truly* Mystic and it is NOT to be copied, rewritten, or Linked ANYWHERE, without my written permission FIRST! You may NOT remove any of the images on this site, *BUT* what you choose to do with what you have learned is up to you. Some People like to say that YOU CANNOT recreate something that they have taught you..I am not like that. Please visit R.I.G.H.T.S. to read up on YOUR rights as an artist. (:::Basically Friends....make easter eggs till your heart's content! and give them to friends, family, etc!~ What you make is your work!~~ How can I rule over that?::)

What I do NOT authorize to be reproduced is my techniques and this Tutorial I have written. (::so...I do not want anyone *pretending they came up with my way of doing it* :::*BUT* if you would like others to know where you learned to make these eggs..please give us a link back...that's all!~~) If you see this tut reprouced anywhere else, please email me so that I may deal with it. This is one of my first Psp ones, so please be patient ok?....Ready?.....Please begin by taking a deep breath! This will be easy! I promise!


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