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Welcome to my Workshop!

I have taken a lot of screen shots to make this as easy as possible, and I have separated the pages for easier download time..ready?

Ok open up a new image in PSP, 400 x 400 with a transparent background. Choose a nice pastel easter color like the yellow I have chosen (#FAFABC) and flood fill your new image with this color.

Or you may click on my yellow square below, to pick it up. Whichever you choose, You should have something like this:


Now, Go to Effects:::::Geometric::::::Circle::
Like this:

You should end up with something like this:

Cool, huh?

Now, Go to Effects::::::Geometric:::: Perpective- Vertical:::
Like this:

When the window opens up use these settings:

*And* you should have something that looks like this:

*IF* you do not..please read over this page again until you get it to look right. When you do then you are ready to:


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