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Now we get to do the easy part!
Ready to learn something new?
Ok let's get rid of those ugly lines first, by adding some noise!
(Did you know I was going to say that?)
Like this:

With these settings:
Noise: 3% uniform checked

It should now look like this:

OK now to the fun part!~
Let's add a picture. I used a nice dalmatian...since my kids were watching 101 dalmatians while I made this tut, and the one I started to do..well..I didn't save it and my daughter unplugged the computer.:(
Please save your work NOW..if you haven't done so already ok?
you can use whatever you want. You'll notice I don't give you the pictures I use..and that's because this is your work, and you should make it what you want.

SO once you place the picture you want we can move on to the last effects that'll complete our globes!

Go to Effects::::::illumination effects::::::::sunburst:::::
Like This:

With these settings:

You should now have something that looks like this:

Pretty huh? But we're not done!
Need to make it a bit more perfect!
Add another Sunburst, with the same settings, (they should be there need to do anything, except move the *X* slightly up or down the one you have now
Like this:

And Voila!

Now you can STOP here and just pick up a Globe base tube and
to learn to add the Globe to the Base,
or you can continue below and learn to make your own base !


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