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Psp 7 Lettering with Textures
Brought to you courtesy of
Web Mistress Mystic & Lilac Springs Web Design

Learn to make this type of lettering in about 5 minutes...Just follow the instructions and screen shots below.  (o: Good Luck :o)

Step 1:
The following things need to be adjusted on your writing tool: which looks like this on PSP 7:  
Ok, you need to make sure you have checked only these two things:
The color you have doesn't matter because you will be using a texture.
(**PSP6 can still get this effect..simply look under effects for your textures and add them that way after you have written what you want and the *ants* are around it)
Stroke=outside border
Fill=inside of lettering
You don't want a border? That's ok Just look for the *standard text* button and click it.
 This is with border.
This is without..see how the stoke color is gone?

Once you have written what you want it should look like this:
With the little *ants* around it.
If it doesn't look like this...hit undo and start again..make sure the FLOATING  and ANTIALIAS options are checked.

Step 2:
Using the inner bevel option
This is actually so easy you will laugh!
#1...Go to *EFFECTS*
#2...Down to 3D effects (on PSP6 this is just under effects)
#3.....Choose inner Bevel

Pick the *PILLOW* bevel:
I like to use it on 15 for large letters
5 on med
and even 2 on get the point right ?

Do This TWICE for a more dramatic effect:
Voila! You're done!
(I have repeated this step twice to get this effect)
Cool huh?
Here's a little gift for you from me :o) for having been such a good student! *BUT* only take it if you have learned to do this from this site..and give a link back to this tutorial
*please*, so that others can learn too!
(It cuts explaining time down to 5 minutes! ) LOL

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