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GREAT! you decided to make your own base!
Now I will teach you the basics, but please around with what you learn! You'd be amazed at the results!

Open up a new image 400 X 400, with a transparent Background.
Ok first..find the *preset shapes* tool and choose the rounded rectangle, with these settings:
and size 1 (or 2 if you need a thinker line to work)

Make sure your BACKGROUND color is TURNED OFF:

(This is so the rectangle you draw will be empty inside.
To turn the color off click on the little triangle and hit the *Don't* sign)

Lets draw our rectangle...Like this:

Now take your magic wand and touch anywhere inside your new rectangle, so that the ants are crawling inside your rectangle,

then find the *SELECTIONS TOOL* Looks like this: and choose rectangle as your shape, feather 0 and antialias checked.

Now draw a rectagle that covers the top line of your rounded rectangle, taking out the top rounded corners, like this:

NOW CUT (control + X keys or scissors on top)
Now I could have just asked you to ERASE, but then you wouln't have learned to use the selctions tool :)

You should end with something like this:

Now this is the tricky part, but it's one of my favorite tools!~
Find your drawing tool
and use these settings:
Bezier Curve    Line style STRAIGHT    width 1    antialias YES    vector NO   

Now i will show you the Three steps...
Draw a Line from one side to the other:

Then touch the middle section under the line...two times:

You'll probably find yourself playing with this for a bit until you get a nice curve. If you mess up, just hit undo and try again :)

Mine isn't as nice as I would have liked, but it'll do...

When you have something like this then you're ready to move on.


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