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Ok..take a deep breath..that was the hard part

What? You didn't find it hard?...Well I guess this whole PSP thing is just easier than you thought huh? *smiles* and save your work!

Ready to make your base?
Ok get you magic wand and touch inside your base frame, then go to :

and use these settings:
Expand by 2 pixels

Now Flood Fill with your favorite pattern (I choose a wood one) and give it an inner bevel with these settings:
Width 15   smoothness 25   depth 5   ambience 0   Shinniness 20   angle 315   intensity 35   elevation 45  

Then add your decoration.
You may pick up the one I used HERE
or you may add your own at this point.

When you do this it should look like this:

Ok now use the magic wand to touch outside the base,
Then go to SELECTIONS::::::::INVERT::::::::
And get ready to add a Drop Shadow Effect

With these settings:
vertical 1 horizontaal -20
opacity 81 Blur 37

Should look like this:

Do this step AGAIn only now use horizontal 20

Ok we're done!!~~

Now let's put them together!


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