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I have made these tutorials for the PSP beginners.
These are not intended for experience PSP artists, as I'm sure you all erady know this. :) However..if by reading through these tutorials you get a little bit of help, then I'm glad you stopped by!
Here you will learn some tricks to making great lettering with PSP 7 (I'm sure you can do the same with 6..but since they have the tools in different'll just have to do it a bit diferently.)

There is not plug-in needed to make these tricks...although I will also have tutorials on Blade Pro and Eye Candy 4000 (which is what I use the most)..on this tutorial you will learn to make great looking hearders without having to spend the extra money!

Just click on the lettering you'd like to learn..etc..and have fun! Please make sure you have your PSP turned on so you can easily learn.

Good Luck!

PSP7 Bevel Tutorial:

PSP7 Gradient Tutorial:
PSP7 Textures Tutorial:

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Good luck :o)

Special *THANKS* to Circle of Style & my wonderful *SPRITES* for the motivation to do this tutorial!  
Huggers Friends!!


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