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I'm Mystic!
That Cute Guy next to me is Hubby,
isn't he cute?

He says I'm addicted to PSP and well...OK..I confess...
I love my PSP! ...can't turn it off ok?

I do a lot online, and have joined different groups,I am a current PSP slave ... err ....*tutee* (**thanks Rebjess for the new word!) of a group called PSP WORKBENCH. What an awesome group to belong to!After finishing a Tutorial by AUNTIE EM, I was inspired to teach people how don't know much about PSPhow to make awesome things with PSP...and the bast part is to do it from scratch!

So Friends...if you ever wondered...*How'd they so that?" have come to the right place! Not only will you learn to make new things, you will also learn to make them WELL.Some lessons might be done and easier way, but my goal will be to teach you PSP without stressing you to the point you don't want to use it again.So all Tutorials will have a lot of screenshots (which *YES* I will teach you to make your own screen shots too!!), and VERY easy directions, sometimes repeatedsteps and screenshots, but keep in mind not everyone will do every Tutorial here.

I have always enjoyed teaching everyone how to make things using PSP..etc, but decided to try out my *TUT MAKING* abilities by creating an easy Easter Egg Tut. After getting such *G*R*E*A*T* response from everyone about The Easter Egg tutorial, I decided to make a Tutorial Site! *Smiles*

This site was born *Friday, March 23, 2001*

I will be placing the Tutorials Links Here as I make them below...
maybe one day I'll have enough to organize another way but for now, enjoy what I have so far! If you get *stuck* or have any questions, please email me!

LOL dont' laugh...this site dreams to be big one day!!

~Easter Eggs~3-2001
~Snow Globes~3-2001
~Bevel Lettering~10-2000
(an old one I had done.)
~Drawing Cartoon Dolls*~4-2001
~Copyright Branding*~5-2001
~Drawing Cartoon Doll Clothes*~6-2001
~Animated Clock~6-2001
~ Water Globes *~6-11-2001


Graphics, Background and Content;
© 1999-2000, 2001-2011 by Mystic
Permission for posting and usage has been given to PSP Workbench.

I know there are many people out there who have writtem similar Tutorials, however, all my Tutorials have been written BY MEusing my own tehniques.It is my goal to use as many PSP tools as possible so that you will learn to use PSP and make something nice along the way.Some things I have learned from other people, when applicable I will add a link to such sites.

*THANKS* in advance for not sending hate mail.

That means I'm keeping all my work to myself.

~*~If you have joined me from a webring..*THANKS* for dropping in!~*~


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